Accepted papers

Evaluation Metrics for Big Data Project Management

Ahmed, Mohiuddin; Saeed, Munir Ahmad UNSW Australia

With great power comes great responsibility: Health professionals on Twitter

Pawar, Atish (Lakehead University); Budhiraja, SahibSingh (Lakehead University); Mago, Vijay(Lakehead University); Sharma, Gaurav (Lakehead University)

The effectiveness of Hard Clustering Algorithms for Securing Cyber Space

Khandaker, SakibMahtab (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Islamic University of Technology,Bangladesh); Hossain, Afzal (Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Islamic University of Technology,Bangladesh); Ahmed, Mohiuddin (Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia)

On Data-Driven Organizations and the Necessity of Interpretable Models

Lindgren, Tony (Department of Computer and System Sciences, Stockholm University)

A Multi-Factor Authentication Method For Security of Online Examinations

Ullah, Abrar; Xiao, Hannan (University of Hertfordshire); Barker, Trevor (University of Hertfordshire)

Secured Cancer Care and Cloud Services in IoT/WSN Based Medical Systems

Onasanya Adeniyi, Maher Elshakankiri, Ph.D.

Protected Bidding Against Compromised Information Injection in IoT-based Smart Grid

Bhuiyan, Md Zakirul Alam (Fordham University); Zaman, Mdaliuz (Fordham University); Wang, Guojun (Guangzhou University); Wang, Tian (Huaqiao University); Rahman, Md. Arafat (Universiti Malaysia Pahang)

An Implementation of Harmonizing Internet of Things (IoT) in Cloud

Islam, Md. Motaharul (Islamic Universit of Madinah AlMadinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia); Khan, Zaheer (Khana-e-Noor University, Pole Mahmood Khan Kabul, Afghanistan). Yazed Alsaawy, Islamic University of Madinah AlMadinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A decentralized trust-aware collaborative filtering recommender system based on weighted items for social tagging systems

Jalali, Mehrdad; Monshizadeh Naeen, Hossein (2Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran)

An MQTT-Based Scalable Architecture for Remote Monitoring and Control of Large-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Shapsough, Salsabeel (American University of Sharjah); Dhaouadi, Rached (American University of Sharjah); Zualkernan, Imran (American University of Sharjah); Takrouri, Mohannad (American University of Sharjah)

Smart Home Security Application Enabled by IoT: Using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeJS, and MongoDB

Davidson, Chad(University of Tennessee); Rezwana, Tahsin (East Tennessee State University); Hoque, MohammadAsadul(East Tennessee State University)

IoT Big Data Analytics with Fog Computing for Household Energy Management in Smart Grids

Yassine, Abdulsalam

Application-based Power Saving Approach for IoT CoAP Protocol

Mardini, Wail; Bani Yassein, Muneer (Jordan University of Science and Technology); AlRashdan, Mohammad (Jordan University of Science and Technology); Alsmadi, Abdalraheem (Jordan University of Science and Technology)

On the Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Meters in Smart Homes and Smart Grids

Opoku Agyeman, Michael

Demand Side Management Optimization with Personalized Pricing and Incentive Power Reduction in Customer Side

Yaghmaee Moghaddam, Mohammad Hossein (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad); Samadi, Mikhak (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad); Abbasi, Mahmoud (Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch)

MNFFU-NC: A Smart Meter Firmware Update Strategy through Network Coding for AMI Network

Jalil, Syed Qaisar (1 The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia); Chalup, Stephan (1 The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia); Rehmani, Mubashir Husain (Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), Ireland)

Fog Computing in IoT Aided Smart Grid Transition- Requirements, Prospects, Status Quos and Challenges 


Privacy Preserving for Location-based IoT Services

Qiu, Yue (Nanyang Technological University); Ma, Maode (Nanyang Technological University)

A Chain Based Signature Scheme for Uplink and Downlink Communications in AMI Networks

khasawneh, samer(Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Quebec 1100 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, Canada); Kadoch, Michel (Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Quebec 1100 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, Canada)

Robustness situations in cases of node failure and     packet collision enabled by TCNet: Trellis Coded Network – a new algorithm and routing protocol

Lima Filho, DiogoFerreira (Universidade de Sao Paulo)